ODM/OEM Service

We accept ODM and OEM customized services. We provide private label and manual printing, for ODM. And we provide LOGO, private label, manual, foil pouch, and color box printing services for OEM.

Solution Service

We provide customized services for various countries' customers, specific sensitivity suggestions, register assistance, and transportation advice.

We provide professional customized service solutions according to customer needs.




1. Why choose YANSHUI?

We are a leading manufacturer of biological consumables in China, providing OEM and ODM services. We have our own technicians and installation team.


2. When can I get the price?

We usually quote as soon as we get your inquiry. If you need an urgent response, please tell us your email or Skype account, and we will contact you as soon as possible.


3. What can you buy from us?

Such as 96-well microplates, microplates, PCR tubes, reagent bottles, sample dilution tubes, sample sampling tubes, sample extraction tubes, saliva collectors, gold label cartridges, etc.


4. What services can we provide?

Please don't worry, the manual user will send it together, you can also contact us for more technical support.


5. How to get the shipping cost?

You tell us your destination port or delivery address, and we inquire about sea, air, or express for you according to your requirements.


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Contact us and test the cost, time and parameters of the contract.
Others have taken this test and know the value of our service.

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